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Once again, as they got farther away from the Ohio, the landscape and climate changed rapidly; the Indians also became more distrustful, if not hostile; Marquette, although he spoke six native tongues, no longer managed to make himself understood. The following year he returned to New France to work in the fur trade. Jolliet, however, lacked neither ambition nor optimism. They turned back north at the mouth of the Arkansas River. He was the first important explorer born on Canadian soil, and played a very important part in the opening-up of North America. Jolliet and his men took to their paddles once more, and pursued their journey, which was marked by two other important stages: they encountered first the Missouri and then the Ouabouskigou Ohio , two stately rivers that flow into the Mississippi. The truth was, however, that his interest in the fur trade had not diminished. At the age of 49, after another trip to France, Jolliet began a new career as a teacher at the Jesuit college. Of Indians, however, there was no sign. In Marquette had been about to proceed via the Mississippi to the country of the Illinois, but the sudden worsening of relations between the Hurons, Ottawas, and Sioux had obliged him to cancel his plan. Jolliet then obtained Anticosti Island in the Gulf of St.

A version of this entry originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada. Louis Jolliet is a name that Canada will remember through the centuries and his descendants still continue to inhabit the streets of Canada keeping his memory and his great deeds alive.

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It was to be profitably financed, hopefully, by a group of private individuals whose return would come from the fur trade. There, they portaged carried their canoes and gear a distance of slightly less than two miles through marsh and oak forest to the Wisconsin River. Jolliet later travelled to Hudson Baythe Labrador coast, and a number of Canadian rivers.

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Lawrence River. They kept the record of the country they went through in the diary and drew a map of the entire area. Louis Jolliet was nevertheless at Sault Ste. Around the age of 11, Jolliet entered the college of the Jesuits at Quebec, where he did his classical studies. Exploration of the Mississippi In May Jolliet, Marquette, and five others set out on their great adventure. He left the priesthood in In mid-July they had reached lat. De Soto had named the river Rio del Espiritu Santo, but tribes along its length called it variations of "Mississippi". He became quite convinced that if the English were left in uncontested control of the bay, they would soon dominate the whole fur trade of Canada. In he was appointed to fill the office of hydrographer and produced many excellent navigation maps of the St. Together with the Jesuit Father Jacques Marquette they devised a plan to use small boats and small crew for this mission. Your Country.

Accompanied by six others, including Jesuit Father Jacques Marquette as translator, Jolliet set forth on the expedition in May and reached the mouth of the Mississippi on 15 June.

Louis Jolliet was nevertheless at Sault Ste. His father Jean Jolliet was a wagon maker by profession. Marriage and Fur Trader InLouis started living a more tranquil life.

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Can the historian fail to deplore the ill luck that seems to have dogged the personal papers of Louis Jolliet and the documents concerning him? Joliet was born in in a French settlement near Quebec City which was formed 37 years before by famous Samuel de Champlain.

We do not know how he was engaged during the year that preceded his departure for the Mississippi, but it is certain that he did not go back to the West.

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The exact birth date of Louis Jolliet is unknown. With the help of French Governor of Quebec, Louis de Buade Frontenac , Joliet gathered funding for an exploratory missions in the area of Great Lakes and their numerous rivers. Thus, they turned back making their way to the Illinois River in order to make a short cut to the Great Lakes as guided by the natives. Educators: Take our survey for a chance to win prizes! On May 17, , Jolliet and Marquette departed from St. He would become a coureur des bois coureur de bois, wood-runner, or bush-loper, to the English, a calling in which he was to quickly make a name for himself. Jolliet received a Jesuit education in New France now in Canada but left his seminary in and went to France. Thanks for watching! It is more likely that he spent the winter at Quebec. Francis Xavier at the southern end of Green Bay , which they reached in August. Jolliet spent much time on Ile d'Orleans, so it was likely that he began speaking Indigenous languages of the Americas at a young age. The intendant had certainly heard of the Mississippi by then; but the additional information supplied during by Saint-Lusson and by the Relation of —70 kindled a new hope in him.

He left the priesthood in Inhe was appointed "Royal Hydrographer", and on April 30,he was granted a seigneury southwest of Quebec City which he named Jolliest.

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