A character analysis of emma bovary from the novel madame bovary by gustave flaubert

In despair, she swallows arsenic and dies an agonizing death. Drawn to this concept of urban sophistication, Emma begins the affair.

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At first they are happy, but eventually they grow bored with one another. He had been taken into the house on charity and was useful at the same time as a servant. She preferred the dream world to the real world.

Charles Bovary A beautiful, mediocre woman consumed by the desire to live an elegant and passionate life.

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Educated in a convent and raised in the country, Emma marries Charles Bovary at a young age. Read an in-depth analysis of Emma Bovary.

Charles' own sense of complacency and his dullness only added to Emma's misfortune. He is vehemently anti-clerical and practices medicine without a license. For the first time, she feels that her life now has all the "passion, ecstasy and delirium" of the romances which she had read.

Her looks and dress captivate him, but he remains oblivious to her personality.

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