A description of him looking himself in the mirror

Possible non-reflexives in the same constructions In many cases, a non-reflexive pronouns can also be used instead of a reflexive pronoun.

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Both are complements of the verb show, and it is this close, structural link between the two constituents which requires us to use the reflexive pronoun. If we flatter ourselves, it is our own fault; the truth, as it is in Jesus, flatters no man.

Margaret R. His gracious recompence hereafter, would be connected with his present peace and comfort. In the film, he is portrayed as an Olympian god with purple skin.

Author and poet Rainer Maria Rilke visits the character and symbolism of Narcissus in several of his poems.

These non-reflexives add contrast and emphasis: I injured myself is a neutral statement that I did something that resulted in an injury to my own body, whereas I injured me emphasises the contrast between my injuring myself and my injuring someone else.

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Notes: 1 This is in opposition to override reflexives, which do not require any such link and can appear with no antecedent at all.

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Narcissus (mythology)