A dreadful evil dowry

Paragraph on dowry a social evil

Ts eliot critical essays, How to start an argument essay introduction, Dog essay in tamil, Conveying tone essay, Ancient Indian texts from old times suggest that dowry system was most prevalent in upper castes where Manusmriti classified streedhan as a part of fathers wealth the bride voluntarily brought with her for personal use and as a mark of independence in her new home. But when it comes to a marriage of girls, why are the parents asked to give a dowry for their girls. Parents do not prefer to invest more in their education and training. Preparations for dowry compel the girls to work in any capacity in the unorganized job market where they work in uncongenial working conditions for long working hours for a meager amount of money. The bride is fully authorized to demand any amount which has no limit and is to be paid at that moment. Dowry related issues are multiple which have an adverse influence on the economy and the society as well. It was used as an asset to begin a new life in an unfamiliar atmosphere. The need of the hour is to promote such an atmosphere where love, affection, mutual cooperation are given preference to hatred, indifference and disintegration.

So, many of them take huge debts because of dowry. Now a days dowry has become a part of wedding ceremonies. Kashmir as the land of Sufis and Saints has remained mostly free from many social evils in the past.

conclusion on dowry system

We need to make them understand the concept of marriage and its importance in our life. They spend the rest of their lives to pay their debts. On the other hand, the boy accepts that girl who belongs to a well-off family, highly educated in service and earns.

Although in reality it is a gift of money or property made by the husband to the wife which becomes her absolute property, in our society the dowry system is not only mandated for girls but also for boys. Around 40 percent women married happen to be below eighteen years of age and illiterate thus not in position to assert themselves.

The access to easy money with some sections of the society have given flip to this social evil government policy with regard to the black money and recent crackdowns on smugglers, hoarders and black-marketers is sure to check this menace, provided authorities carry out their policies in letter and spirit.

It has drawn the attention of the government. Thus they remain educationally backward which makes them again dependent on the men folk. Dowry in itself is not bad.

how much is a dowry

This is one of the reasons the birth of a daughter in Pakistan is regarded as a burden. Thus dowry is a universal phenomenon and a generally accepted view.

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A Dreadful Evil