A research on gang life in america

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Young people can be attracted to joining a youth gang for a number of reasons. In the s, the city saw a rise of Latino immigrants from Latin America, the Caribbean, and notably Puerto Rico as well as a rise in gang violence. Monikers-such as "Killer Dog," "Gauge," and "Cop Killer' '-often reflected their criminal abilities or their ferociousness as gang members. While focusing on the prevention of school abandonment by gang members and other at-risk groups constitutes an important avenue to move forward in addressing violent crime — the most significant problem in the Latin American region, further programming to address the issue requires more data and more evidence. The Department of Justice estimates there may be as many as , to , gang members in California. Both gangs rely heavily on local drug-peddling, which drives most of the general gang violence. These gangs ranged in size from 5 to gang members; and their crimes included residential and business robberies, auto thefts, and burglaries. Basic data on gangs in the Latin American region is largely unavailable. If a child has thought about or already joined a gang, support groups can help the parents with the next steps. The Youth Gang Task Force figures were based on a series of hearings held throughout the state in Unlawful homicide or manslaughter 4.

They had little, if any, loyalty to a particular gang. The gangs, which comprise the majority of the violent gangs in California, include Hispanic gangs; African American gangs, particularly the Crips and Bloods; Asian gangs; and white gangs, especially the Skinheads.

If a child has thought about or already joined a gang, support groups can help the parents with the next steps. Working collaboratively, the gangs engage in drug trafficking, identity theft, and other white collar crime using contacts in the banking system.

Intricate graffiti-or placa-clearly marked the gang's territorial boundaries and served as a warning to rival gangs. The findings addressed above indicate that the extent to which gang members contribute to violent crime is not well understood.

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Despite laws aimed straight at these gangs they still defy the law and wreak havoc upon the territory that they claim. Gang violence accounts for one of the largest personal threats to public safety for nearly all the cities in this state. This kind of antisocial behavior is a major problem in American Society. The survey indicated approximately 50, gang members in California, exclusive of Los Angeles County. Keep the baby, drain the bathwater Eliminating gang databases altogether risks leaving law enforcement hamstrung in their efforts to reduce violence in communities. The gang-related homicide rate alone in the U. Initiation into a gang required the prospective member to 'lump in" and fight some of the members already in the gang. The overrepresentation of people of color in gang databases is not solely an artifact of how the police collect information. New York, NY: Doubleday, Those things are dealt with the people that has not have had proper things in their community but when they did not get it they did violet things to get what they wanted for themselves or an individual. They remained territorial and motivated to protect their neighborhoods from rival gang members.

In the case of El Salvador, where gangs are considered to be one of the main problems facing the country according to its citizensno precise figures exist to document the actual number of gang members in the country or their contribution to violent crime.

What we know is that, so far, policies in the Latin American region to address youth at risk have not been successful in retaining them in the school system, resulting in high drop-out rates that are most pronounced at the secondary level.

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Robbery 3. Other cities, from California to Illinois to New Yorkare facing calls to follow suit. During the late s and early s an increase in violence in the United States took place and this was due primarily to an increase in violent acts committed by people under the age of From what I 've seen and heard, gangs are and will always be a part of our society.

A research on gang life in america

These two reasons provided most of the inspiration and motivation for the transplanted gang members. National Institute of Justice, []. The gang members varied in age from to years-old, and the older gang members were usually the leaders.

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Is gang activity on the rise? A movement to abolish gang databases makes it hard to tell