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The recent credit crisis has brought about renewed concern about corporate governance, specifically in the financial sector.

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In all the previous UK Corporate Governance codes, plus a few other related interim official committee reviews and reports concerning Corporate Governance, were combined into what is known as the UK Corporate Governance Code also called 'The Combined Code'. Food is mostly plentiful and safe and nutritious.

Institutional shareholders in particular, with the backing of the Institutional Shareholders' Committee, should use their influence as owners to ensure that the companies in which they have invested comply with the Code.

There will be a cost in achieving efficient and effective governance, but this should be offset by increases in value.

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These 12 guidelines endorse the 'comply or explain' approach and represent minimum best practice for smaller quoted companies. This vision and direction must be well communicated, both internally and externally Risk management and internal control. The Securities Act of centralized and tightened regulation the American securities industry, while the Securities Exchange Act created the US Securities and Exchange Commission, both of which, subject to amendment remained in force, at Shareholders should have redress when their rights are contravened or where an individual shareholder or group of shareholders is oppressed by the majority. Corporations - to one degree or another - have mostly always been like this. The committee report gave its reasons for being established as follows: "The Committee was set up in May by the Financial Reporting Council, the London Stock Exchange and the accountancy profession to address the financial aspects of corporate governance This will require the management of social and environmental opportunities and risks. A dialogue should exist between shareholders and the board so that the board understands shareholders' needs and objectives and their views on the company's performance. The directors of public companies are accountable for their actions to the company shareholders. The review should cover only those parts of the compliance statement which relate to provisions of the Code where compliance can be objectively verified. Business transparency is the key to promoting shareholder trust. The Stewardship Code aimed to offer principles and recommendations to institutional investors holding voting rights in UK companies. Though simplistic, this definition provides an understanding of the nature of corporate governance and the vital role that leaders of organisations have to play in establishing effective practices. Many US states have adopted the Model Business Corporation Act , but the dominant state law for publicly traded corporations is Delaware General Corporation Law , which continues to be the place of incorporation for the majority of publicly traded corporations. And the larger the organization, then the greater the potential for disastrous impact.

The Committee's objective is to help to raise the standards of corporate governance and the level of confidence in financial reporting and auditing by setting out clearly what it sees as the respective responsibilities of those involved and what it believes is expected of them. Within that overall framework, the specifically financial aspects of corporate governance i.

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Historically institutional shareholders had not exhibited very strong focus on these responsibilities, and given their potentially great power, this was seen as a major opportunity to improve financial responsibility in the corporate sector. Their fees should reflect the time which they commit to the company. As a general rule, corporations, by their nature, tend not to self-regulate. Boards should therefore consider each one carefully, and provide a reasoned explanation for any deviations. In most companies the chairman is a non-executive director. The Higgs Report, published in , summarised their role as: to contribute to the strategic plan to scrutinise the performance of the executive directors to provide an external perspective on risk management to deal with people issues, such as the future shape of the board and resolution of conflicts. Equitable treatment of shareholders: All shareholders should be treated equitably fairly , including those who constitute a minority, individuals and foreign shareholders.

For most companies, those leaders are the directors, who decide the long-term strategy of the company in order to serve the best interests of the owners members or shareholders and, more broadly, stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, providers of long-term finance, the community and regulators.

NEDs should provide a balancing influence and help to minimise conflicts of interest. Smaller companies particularly must demonstrate that the business is not merely regarded as the personal property of the typically founding or principal owner-boss.

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This will normally involve the publication of key performance indicators, which align with strategy, and feedback through regular meetings between shareholders and directors.

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