An analysis of loneliness in frankenstein by mary shelley

He also does not even recognize what he is, which makes him feel even more intensely isolated. The monster's character evolves in many ways throughout the novel, depending on the point of view it's coming from. What I found after reading this novel, however, was even more horrific than man giving life to a creature using various parts of corpses.

frankenstein loneliness quotes

With all the commotion taking on around the world, it was still possible to find oneself lost within their own thoughts and wandering in their own idea of where they belong in society. Many people are animal loves and have found animals to be helpful with depression and loneliness.

Therefore its isolation cannot be self-inflicted but is existent in its being. With these lines, Shelley captures the importance of community and family for identity formation. This quote is spoken by the monster as he tries to make sense of his identity and origin.

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Essay about Loneliness in Frankenstein