Battle of shiloh

Then I knew what the Berserker passion was! We were no longer an army of soldiers, but so many school-boys racing; in which length of legs, wind, and condition tell.

The veterans did not establish the park until 30 years after the battle. Henry W.

battle of chancellorsville

The Confederates topped the rise and faced a withering fire. An aid came and ordered this Dutchman to silence the rebel batery. Cynicism aside, there is a real need to correct such errors.

In fact, there is no contemporary evidence that the Sunken Road was sunken at all. Both sides routinely took prisoners in the days leading up to the battle. Johnston was the highest-ranking officer from either side to be killed in combat during the Civil War. Thereafter, veterans began to embellish the story.

Several factors account for these falsehoods.

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Battle of Shiloh Facts & Summary