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Sarty becomes well aware of his decisions and realizes how they can impact his family This coming of age story features a boy stuck in a family with a father who can be thought of as Satan, and can be easily seen as connected to myths of Zeus and Cronus.

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On one hand, it is a heroic tragedy about Sarty Snopes growing into awareness and morality. The last straw is Abner's attempt to burn down the barn of Major de Spain, a farm owner whose home the Snopes were living at while Abner worked as a farmhand.

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Though these From the beginning of the story, Sartoris wanted to tell the truth at the court room but got slapped by his father for even the thought. Flag desecration is a term that is used to describe a various set of acts that intentionally destroy, damage, or mutilate a flag in public, and in this case, the American flag. These building blocks were absent in Abner and Sarty Snopes relationship. Lacking evidence, the Justice of the Peace drops the charges against Abner Snopes, Sarty's father, and he is ordered to leave the country. You just listen. Abner is revealed as a sadistic character who confronts his son with the choice of keeping his loyal ties to the family or parting for a life on his own with no familial support. Abner is a very poor looking man, unclean and unshaven. Yet always in the background is the gnawing feeling of what his father would do to him if he was disloyal. As his fellow prisoners began to die, it was his American flag which provided him with a sense of identity and gave him the inspiration to keep living. The action When Ab comes into conflict with his employer, he finds himself taking control from the authority figure, and reverting back to his mercenary

Sarty regrets telling the truth to the judge. This simple language that we use everyday, writers can put together to make a fascinating puzzle for us to look at. He did not care about teaching his son a life lesson about loyalty or that blood was thicker than water, which was not what the talk that night in the woods was about.

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We see Sarty, the young man, develop into an adult while dealing with the many crude actions and ways of Abner, his father. Consistent in voice, Montresor uses a sadistic and manipulative tone that creates dramatic irony.

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Sarty early in the story respects his father because of his father's service in the military and the clannish code found in southern families without regard to social status. In fact, characters and their relationship to others are better understood in a specific context of time, place and atmosphere, as they relate to a proposed theme or central point of a story. His wounded leg, as a result of the war, symbolizes the weight he carries around by living his perverse way of life. Out of resentment for wealthy people, he burns their barns to get revenge. Maybe it's his alienation from the higher class in society that causes him to act in this manner. I could imagine a sentimental writer, dipping into his arsenal of scaled human emotions and taking out a pinch of cynicism, a touch of bitterness, a slice of of anger and a hint of gloom to portray a character suffering from depression. Though these
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