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Submit your application The application forms are available on university websites. It will be awarded to a student who would not normally consider applying for a place at an independent school because of lack of funds.

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It provides essential information about the higher education system, study opportunities and student's life in the Czech Republic. Wait for the notification of acceptance When the application period and the possible entrance exams are over, the university will make the final admission decisions. If you want to study at university in the Czech Republic, you need to have your previous completed study recognized by the Czech recognition authority. Read more details about the process of recognition of your previous studies here. Prepare basic documents The basic condition for entering studies is the successful completion of the previous level of study certificate of graduation from a secondary school for Bachelor's 3 years and long-cycle Master's degree programmes years ; Bachelor's degree for a follow-up Master's; Master's degree for a Doctoral study programme. The deadline for submitting the supporting documents is September 30, or October 23 for applicants who obtain their secondary school leaving certificate at the start of the autumn term. The application deadline is mostly between February and April. Foreign nationals who did not attend high school in the Czech Republic and are applying for a study programme taught in Czech may be required to take an additional test to demonstrate their Czech language ability - See Study in Czech Last change: May 30, Maybe you can even take advantage of some of the scholarship opportunities offered to foreign students. Language preparation Step-by-step guide on applying to universities in the Czech Republic Are you thinking about completing your degree abroad?

Check specific entry requirements Once you have decided where you want to apply to, you can search for detailed information on entry requirements and deadlines.

It can include a written test and oral interview. Studies in foreign languages are subject to tuition fees, however, these are generally much lower than in Western Europe.

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In addition, Barta Scholars receive a contribution towards living expenses and other co-curricular activities. Although Czech is the main language of tuition at universities, over 1, study programmes in English are offered at all degree levels and across all fields. Donations The generosity of all those who are choosing to make a donation to the English College in Prague is greatly appreciated.

These scholarships are usually held by up to two students in the school at any one time. In the Czech Republic, each university is responsible for its own admission procedure and the conditions vary from programme to programme.

The entrance exams are usually held in the Czech Republic, but some options also exist for taking the exam abroad e.

The academic year always starts on October 1. They are awarded to the two highest-achieving students in each year group on the basis of their performance throughout the previous academic year.

In addition, scholarship winners receive a contribution towards living expenses and other co-curricular activities.

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Studies in the Czech language at public universities are free of charge.

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