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They also felt that these messages had a great impact on them to a point of wanting to change their lifestyle.

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The utilization of testing and counseling for HIV: a review of the social and behavioral evidence. In terms of adolescent counseling, the risk reduction approach to HIV counseling can be divided into various phases such as, exploring clients feelings about sexual activity, using their existing HIV knowledge as an engaging tool, addressing the barriers they have for safer sex, focusing on perceptions that might affect risky behaviors, focus on safe sex planning and in the end, referral making.

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The window period of 12 weeks should be checked again and the decision taken about whether further tests for other sexually transmitted infections are appropriate. A meta-analytic review of effects of counseling and testing on sexual risk behaviors concluded that serodiscordant couples reduced unprotected intercourse and increased condom usage more than HIV-negative and untested participants. These guidelines recommend to provide lifelong ART to all people living with HIV, including children, adolescents and adults, pregnant and breastfeeding women, regardless of clinical status or CD4 cell count. AIDS Behav. Several countries with a high burden of HIV infection are also progressing along the path to elimination. Lowering obstacles to HIV prevention services: effects of a brief, telephone-based intervention using motivational enhancement therapy. Several studies have found that pregnancy prevention rather than disease prevention was the impetus for condom use. Each unique person will have their own needs from psychotherapy. Patient adherence is an important factor in the efficacy of drug regimens. The risk factors in a study which looked at HIV positive gays and bisexuals were mainly unprotected anal sex, which has a higher risk of HIV transmission. Harm reduction for people who inject and use drugs People who inject drugs can take precautions against becoming infected with HIV by using sterile injecting equipment, including needles and syringes, for each injection and not sharing drug using equipment and drug solutions. Prevention Individuals can reduce the risk of HIV infection by limiting exposure to risk factors. Social network formation which includes spousal communication related to AIDS risk has been proven to improve diffusion of behavioral change through the society. Counseling Skills and Strategies Counseling for Risk Reduction HIV prevention counseling is a very important mode of behavioral intervention especially in the absence of an effective vaccine or a curative treatment.

Patient Educ Couns. Afr J Reprod Health.

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AIDS Care. Several studies have found that pregnancy prevention rather than disease prevention was the impetus for condom use. Practical arrangements including medical follow up should be written down.

A comprehensive package of interventions for HIV prevention and treatment includes: needle and syringe programmes; opioid substitution therapy for people dependent on opioids and other evidence-based drug dependence treatment; HIV testing and counselling; risk-reduction information and education and provision of naloxone; access to condoms; and management of STIs, tuberculosis and viral hepatitis.

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MTCT can be nearly fully prevented if both the mother and the baby are provided with ARV drugs as early as possible in pregnancy and during the period of breastfeeding. Results showed that men who received the full information motivation behavior IMB model showed greater risk reduction skills and relatively lower rates of unprotected intercourse over 6 months of follow-up and had fewer Sexually-transmitted infections.

Counselors also made the participants aware of alternative to regular use of male condoms.

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HIV/AIDS Counseling Skills and Strategies: Can Testing and Counseling Curb the Epidemic?