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Her artworks are a visual representation of the duality of nature versus culture and the role it plays in the transition between past, present and future, and are particularly relevant to rapidly changing places such as the UAE.

Cultural connections by design

Assessment The homework assignment includes four points in complete sentences and demonstrates understanding of the philanthropic perspective. This tends to make for a more relaxed setting, which leads to better interaction and understanding between people. Have the students listen for the similarities and differences between the work, motivations, and passions of these four different people. We get to know you, then we connect you with an international volunteering project that will use your unique strengths and talents to make a direct impact in the communities you serve. The BCC committee meet regularly to plan events based on the various clubs in the group. Have students pair up with someone who chose the same quote. We are delighted to present our first show in this region and to showcase for the first time Middle Eastern artists in our space in Berlin. They should look for similarities and differences between cultural attitudes and practices related to giving and serving. Heiserova, who lives between Bratislava in Slovakia and Valencia, Spain is interested in investigating modern power structures and symbols of superiority and authority. More From Arts Culture. Kurdieh has created a cast of simple, tiny cartoon-like characters, known as Fasaeen to speak about the complexities of life in his war-ravaged country.

Consumers in Israel and Ukraine care more about functional benefits. Call us anytime with questions about volunteering opportunities!

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So are we all. The handout asks them to identify three words they would put after their name that tells who they are. Have them fill it out with things or skills they have that could help address each issue of concern.

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There are plenty of opportunities to suit every preference. The trip involved climbing a sand dune at sunset and then sitting under the stars to marvel at the natural beauty.

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The clubs include the likes of art, food, travel, adventure, networking and books. People here put the welfare of their community or group first, rather than the specific wants or needs of individuals within it. Discuss common reasons why people choose to serve. See article in Bibliographical References. Her abstracted images of rocks, tree stumps and flowing water speak about the process of deterioration and regeneration in nature, and evoke ideas of loss and beauty, fear and longing, reminding us that change is inevitable and must be accepted. Ouwens has addressed the theme of change by showing different realities in her paintings, which range from realistic depictions of the ever-changing clouds to surrealistic landscapes and imaginary encounters between human beings, animals and nature. Each team creates a diagram, such as a Venn or H diagram, comparing and contrasting two of the individuals they just read about. Consumers in Israel and Ukraine care more about functional benefits. Shah, a British Indian, now based in Berlin works as a commercial art director, while also producing and directing independent videos and films. Do they use designer labels as status symbols? Their attitudes, ideas, and opinions are all shaped by the environment around them. We understand that when people leave their families and country to work abroad they can often feel very isolated and miss their families. A low score suggests security. This level of cultural detail is essential information for marketers looking to succeed in different countries and regions around the world. It shows Epoh, a hot-air balloon with a big eye rising over the city of Mumbai, moving on to Europe and floating over strange places that are hybrids of different cities.

Ice-breaking exercises are held to make everyone feel comfortable. They reflect her own experience of seeing the industrial and mining area she grew up in changing into a technological service society, and invite viewers to contemplate the changes in their lives and the changing relationship between human beings and nature.

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By choosing Cultural Connections and Volunteers, you will create a positive lasting change in the lives of others and in your own heart and mind! Provide examples of names followed by titles or credentials that describe who they are or what they do Barbara Smith, director; Robert Upton, Ph.

Its name refers to the Berlin Blue pigment invented in Berlin inwhich is used to draw blueprints and has medical applications as an antidote for poisoning. They will be writing this later in the unit. The foundations of these tools can be found in the work of Dutch social psychologist, Professor Geert Hofstede.

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Cultural Connections by Design