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Carly: If I tell it, it's going to come out in dribs and drabs. In London in the mid's, Carly fell into a very passionate, ardent summer-long love affair with writer, satirist, producer, Willie Donaldson and they decided to marry.

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I have never withheld things from them because, in my life, withholding of the truth gave me such a lack of self-esteem. When I got to Chicago I got in touch with a doctor who was a friend of mine and he got me methadone somewhat illegally. She's a ferocious advocate and supporter of my music. Whenever he tried to direct my singing in a certain way and I would try to go along with direction, it ended up unnatural. I don't consider myself to be not gay Pure Oxygen For the record, Simon acknowledges the song is a little about Beatty; it's a composite of three men from her L. After speaking to Carly on the phone, I was invited over to dinner Carly is an excellent, provocative cook, James is fair on the dishes and in a light group-therapy session we worked out the process for the interview. His live appearances over the previous six months had been limited to stints for George McGovern.

That was when I first met Jake. I feared his death incredibly, and in fearing his death, moved away from him, fearing that I might die. I heard it played on the piano and sung.

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Willie's rejection of her "was the first cut in my life," she has said, "and the first cut is the deepest. James: Only under the most desperate of circumstances.

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Carly: My parents started going there in on their honeymoon. And I've given out two letters already, and "A" and an "E".

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James: Yeah. You're so vain You probably think this song is about you You're so vain I'll bet you think this song is about you Don't you? The first summer I was there was the summer I was born and then at least once every summer. Just about six months before I did my first album I just kind of felt that Jake might write some interesting songs and so I gave him that melody and asked him to see what he could do with it. They are really quite wonderful adult people. I'd been in a psychiatric hospital when I was 17, and I think that's just what my folks knew to do with me. She had five kids born within six years in the countryside of North Carolina, and here she was waiting for her husband to come home. She also said she wants to record an album with her two children. This one's a warning not to think of a junkie as a complete functioning human being. I think there are negative and angry feelings expressed in that song. Was it because of pressure to do that album?
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Who is You're So Vain Is About?