Essay of man made disaster

Mapping of faults and weak zones in earthquake prone areas.

man made disasters introduction

InHurricane Katrina was the costliest and one of the deadliest hurricanes to have hit the United States and was rated category three in Mobile County Marchi, Drought-like conditions can be overcome by better water harvesting techniques.

In the presence of Ultraviolet light, these gases dissociate, releasing chlorine atoms, which then go on to catalyze ozone destruction.

characteristics of man made disaster

Additionally, this paper will look into the specifics of what constitutes a natural and man-made disaster. Due to this, the rocks are under strain. Other affects on the human health included skin diseases, hair loss, nausea, anemia, respiratory and reproductive diseases.

Solution of man made disaster

Fast evacuation of people. Drought: Drought is a condition of abnormally dry weather within a geographic region. Emergency management is a comprehensive, integrated program of preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation for emergencies and disasters of any kind Pellegrin, Common examples of these disasters are train accidents, aero plane crashes, collapse of buildings, bridges, mines, tunnels, etc. Bangladesh has been devastated by cyclones a number of times. Flood affected areas face acute shortages of food and drinking water. As a result we come in the grip of number of diseases. Buried building and settlements 3. The exact spot under the earth surface at which an earthquake originates is called the focus or hypocenter. The type of earth and rock material 3. Thus, droughts are a natural phenomenon, beyond human control and prevention. These are the disasters people learn to prepare for and survive because very little can be done to prevent them. Embankments along the banks of rivers in densely populated areas. Mapping of faults and weak zones in earthquake prone areas.

However, some scientists have speculated that rise in global warming may cause an increased occurrences of cyclones. In the last years, earthquakes around the world have killed several million people.

Man made disasters causes and effects

Tsunamis are the most catastrophic among natural disasters as they affect a very wide geographical area. One such disaster that I encountered was the St. Changes in the land elevation: The surface topography of a region and groundwater conditions are altered after an earthquake. The plant had operated for 11 years without submitting to a safety inspection. Widespread damage to flora and fauna air including domestic animals. An example is the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. Most of the disasters have a natural origin, however, some disasters are manmade as well. Prevention, Control and Mitigation: Though floods are a natural hazard, it is sometimes intensified due to undesirable human activities. This sudden rupture of the rocks releases energy in the form of earthquake waves Fig. Land pollution is caused due to dumping and disposal of wastes, application of agro-chemicals in the soil. Short-term effects on human health relate to casualties and diseases like blindness, cancer, paralysis, heart trouble, gastric and respiratory abnormalities. During droughts, rainfall is less than normal causing a water imbalance and resultant water shortage. Drought refers to the lack or insufficiency of rain for an extended period of time in a specific region. The impact on the environment is severe, some of which are as under Fig.

Hence it must be controlled by spreading awareness among common people.

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The Tragic Effects of Man Made Disasters