Essay prompts for middle schoolers

Narrative writing prompts for middle school

High-speed internet access should be regulated like a public utility. We should provide food for the poor. Is there a homework subject you dread? Write an essay describing how their character or contributions to their community have earned your respect. You go to school one morning to discover your best friend has been turned into a frog by an evil witch! What types of activities and games would you plan for the event? Do you think humans will ever live on other planets? Convince a teen magazine publisher that they should not use heavily-edited model images in their publication. Do you think thunderstorms are scary?

A sport? By age 18, the average American has seenacts of violence on TV, including 40, murders.

What do you think is the cause? Until next time, keep on writing! If you starred in a television show about your life, what would the show be called? Imagine dinosaurs were still alive today. What do you think some good manners to practice might be? What are some things that help you feel sleepy? Cats vs. What would you say to change their minds? Gym class is more important than music class.

Every American should learn to speak Spanish. How so? Do you prefer to read books that are parts of series or standalone books? What is that silly power?

fiction writing prompts for middle school

What genre would it be? What would yours be like? How did you feel while waiting?

Essay prompts for middle schoolers

Is it a good idea to keep ALL secrets a secret? Bon Appetit - Special meals can be powerful memory-makers.

interesting essay topics for middle school students

What do they do? Four young teenagers go wild camping without any adults.

Informative essay topics for middle school

Describe what they would be like and why people would want to visit your park. What happens next? Open up a random book to any page. Think about what it might mean to be a good brother or sister and write about it! How is it played? Elementary School Prompts I wish my teachers knew that. If you were president, what one thing would you like to change in this country? Think about hospitality in your family. What are some of your favorite jokes? You and your classmates are all superheroes! How are you different from them? Imagine you and your parents switch places for a day.

What made it so unforgettable? Imagine that you woke up tomorrow as a member of the opposite sex.

Argumentative essay topics

For example, the inside of a volcano or soar it over the plains of Africa. What genre of books do you like to read the most? Write about it! What buildings will you build? Write a list of 10 things you can do to practice kindness to others. Do you think this is a good or bad thing? If you starred in a television show about your life, what would the show be called?
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48 Writing Prompts for Middle School Kids