Factors affecting tax compliance of small and medium scale enterprises in the advent of the eac comm

The Council shall determine the number of Deputy Secretaries General.

factors affecting rental income tax compliance

The terms and conditions of service of the Secretary General shall be determined by the Council and approved by the Summit. Demand for rhino horns and elephant tusks is ever rising majorly from the East.

Poverty could also be as a cause of the distribution of resources in the Parish.

Factors affecting rental income tax compliance

Article Meetings of the Assembly 1. Article Speaker of the Assembly 1. The Council shall promote, monitor and keep under constant review the implementation of the programmes of the Community and ensure the proper functioning and development of the Community in accordance with this Treaty. The Members of the Assembly shall be immune from legal action for any acts of omission or commission in the discharge of their functions under this Treaty. Interim orders and other directions issued by the Court shall have the same effect ad interim as decisions of the Court. The tenure of office of the Chairperson of the Summit is one year and the office of the Chairperson shall be held in rotation among the Partner States. Chapter 7: Sectoral Committees Article Establishment and Composition of Sectoral Committees The Co-ordination Committee shall recommend to the Council the establishment, composition and functions of such Sectoral Committees as may be necessary for the achievement of the objectives of this Treaty. Article Invitation of Persons to Assist the Assembly 1. Revenue mobilization Domestic revenue mobilization has increased substantially over the past several decades. Subject to the provisions of any Act of the Community, the acts and decisions of the Summit may be signified under the hand of the Secretary General or of any officer in the service of the Community authorised in that behalf by the Summit. Where— a the question of removing a Judge has been referred to a tribunal under paragraph 1 a or b a Judge is subject to investigation by a tribunal or other relevant authority of a Partner State with a view to his or her removal from an office referred to in paragraph 1 b ; or c a Judge is charged with an offence referred to in paragraph 1 d under any law in force in a Partner State, the Summit may, subject to paragraph 2B, suspend the Judge from the exercise of the functions of his or her office 2A. The President of the Court shall direct the work of the Court, represent it, regulate the disposition of matters brought before the Court, and preside over its sessions. The Court shall consider and determine every reference made to it pursuant to this Treaty in accordance with rules of the Court and shall deliver in public session, a reasoned judgment: Provided that if the Court considers that in the special circumstances of the case it is undesirable that its judgment be delivered in open court, the Court may make an order to that effect and deliver its judgment before the parties privately.

Subject to the provisions of paragraph 1 of this Article, the Assembly shall meet at least once in every year at Arusha in the United Republic of Tanzania and at a time to be determined by the Assembly. Revenue mobilization Domestic revenue mobilization has increased substantially over the past several decades.

The National Assembly of the Partner States shall notify the Speaker of the Assembly of every determination made under paragraph 1 of this Article. Article Disputes between the Community and its Employees The Court shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine disputes between the Community and its employees that arise out of the terms and conditions of employment of the employees of the Community or the application and interpretation of the staff rules and regulations and terms and conditions of service of the Community.

Factors that influence tax compliance

Subject to this Treaty, the Summit may delegate the exercise of any of its functions, subject to any conditions which it may think fit to impose, to a member of the Summit, to the Council or to the Secretary General. Article Tenure of Office of Judges 1. The Deputy Secretaries General shall assist the Secretary General in the discharge of his or her functions. The decisions of the Summit shall be by consensus. The Counsel to the Community shall be the principal legal adviser to the Community in connection with matters pertaining to this Treaty and the Community and he or she shall by virtue of this paragraph be entitled to appear in the Courts of the Partner States in respect of matters pertaining to the Community and this Treaty. The Summit shall meet at least once in every year and may hold extraordinary meetings at the request of any member of the Summit. The Assembly shall not: a proceed on any Bill, including an amendment to any Bill, that, in the opinion of the person presiding, makes provision for any of the following purposes: i for the imposition of any charge upon any fund of the Community; ii for the payment, issue or withdrawal from any fund of the Community of any moneys not charged thereon or the increase in the amount of any such payment, issue or withdrawal; iii for the remission of any debt due to the Community; or b proceed upon any motion, including any amendment to a motion, the effect of which, in the opinion of the person presiding, would be to make provision for any of the said purposes. Increasing tax revenues in developing countries — by broadening the domestic tax base, improving tax compliance, and curbing tax evasion — is critical to ending extreme poverty and ensuring shared prosperity. Article Appearance before the Court 1. Subject to the provisions of Article 27 of this Treaty, any person who is resident in a Partner State may refer for determination by the Court, the legality of any Act, regulation, directive, decision or action of a Partner State or an institution of the Community on the grounds that such Act, regulation, directive, decision or action is unlawful or is an infringement of the provisions of this Treaty. The trend above is reflected in the data reported by the African Economic Outlook
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Domestic revenue mobilization and taxation