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However, one cannot just start the business without putting some things into consideration. Tanx 1daful pple. If you are about to start poultry and fish frozen food business, then some people may not like the idea of getting two products from the same refrigerator.

Usually, businesses do not make huge profit in the first two years of inception because of the initial costs incurred.

Challenges of frozen food business in nigeria

It is designed to attract middle class and high class cadres of the community. Vegetables distribution and fresh-keeping Now days, in order to guarantee the safety of food, such as vegetables, fruit and meat, more and more physical methods of storing and transporting are being adopted. There are several ways of raising capital, some of which include, personal savings, raising loans from banks, attracting investors, gifts and loans from family members and friends. For this business, depending how big you want to become, you might be looking at getting a place that will allow for future expansion. This shows that staying with this business can mean one will be grossing quite an amount of profit at the end of the year, it is a very profitable business. Proper freezing ensures that your produce are kept crisp till they are purchased by customers. Moreover, analyze your frozen food shop perspective in two years in this area. Moreover, you should understand that before your recently open frozen food shop starts to bring you profit, you need to invest a huge amount of money in it. Having a business plan does not mean the business will automatically kick off. Before thinking of starting anything like business venture, there must be money set aside for it. You will be required to take massive surveys relating to the business and also make intelligent projections.

You will have to prove to your customers that your goods stand out from the rest, make sure your goods are always fresh and good, never mix fish with meat or poultry because fish has a strong smell and not everyone eats fish.

Average standard frozen food store makes N, profit monthly some make much more than that while some make less in anyway, it is a good business.

How to start frozen fish business in nigeria

One thing that will stand you out from the crowd of frozen food businesses in your area is doing something they normally do not do, bring something different to the table. The frozen food business has made it easy to gain access these foods in comfort and at affordable prices, this has made the business thrive in even the toughest of terrains. You need to include how many freezers you plan to get and if they are ready to be sold or ship. Your business plan is a map which guides you throughout the lifespan of the business. I was making about N80, per month. For instance, you want to start with fish, then try to find which fish people prefer in this particular area. A lot of effort is required in making a business plan and most of the information needed is the information gotten from the feasibility study. Raise Your Business Capital This is very essential, especially if you want a one-man business. You should explain — why people will want your product! That will give you an idea of which one to start with. Competition In the true sense of the word, there is just one competitor, Kunle Frozen Foods, which has a similar but far lower quality offerings and is located forty blocks away from our proposed location. A major issue to be noted is where you get your supplies from. She will be in charge of day to day running of the business. You need to analyze the area before setting up a frozen business.

The business of frozen turkey and chicken is a high risk one especially when you did not prepare well.

This will make them dedicated and happy to you.

Cost of starting a frozen food business

Sort Out Power Issues. A power generator is a necessary equipment for a frozen food business. The scale the individual wants to start on will also determine how many of these facilities to purchase. We also sell the inner condiments of these animals. Arisa had an idea of what he wanted to do with his life and cash became available. If they can get some fresh food in rural areas of the country, it may not be an option for big cities. It helps your business to be protected within the terms of the association. These would cost 8, Naira. Frozen food business is the business of buying, storing and selling of frozen foods, most commonly chicken and fish. How to prosper? I was just trying to see what I could do to improve my life. As a new business owner assess your customers to know who they are. You should explain — why people will want your product! Our Goal for Frozen Foods Business Plan in Nigeria To exceed our consumers expectation in product quality, packaging, freshness and service. It is also poised to expand shortly from there.

What we do is to turn it on from 6.

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I started with N50, and today, I make about N80, monthly