Good advice is rarer than rubies

Today, she answered the questions all wrong. The book was considered blasphemous and banned by Moslem governments and several people were killed in riots and demonstrations in Pakistan and India.

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Muhammad Ali — a crook who swindles vulnerable women applying for a visa. Our meeting was written. He is later shocked by her delighted demeanor and assumes that she has been successful after all.

Wallah — person employed at or concerned with a particular thing. I am an orphan, not one of your wealthy ladies. Salaam — common greeting in Islamic countries meaning peace. Her engagement had been arranged when she was 9 years old; her parents knew they were dying and wanted her to be looked after; her fiance was then Muhammad Ali says that the sahibs officials working at the Consulate think that all the women claiming to be dependants of people in England are frauds.

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The old crook assumes that everyone dreams of going to England. Pakora — type of South Asian food.

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Good advices is rarer than rubies