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What was the last movie that you saw?

Grad school interview questions and answers

Asking good questions not only tells you what you need to know about a graduate program, but it tells the admissions committee that you are serious. What criteria are used for choosing recipients? Without proper preparation, you may not get accepted into one of your top choice schools. Don't drink even if others do. Will your work help make your city a better place? What skills do you bring that will help a professor advance in his or her research? Or did you have a personal experience that led you to this topic?

Ideally it would be located in the American Southwest so as to have the best access to the most venomous animals. Show them why your graduate education could be a valuable asset! According to Wofford, faculty members are also trying to determine how applicants handle themselves in a group particularly with a cohort model where students will be in classes together for a few years.

Are you motivated? How is the dissertation process structured?

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Your answer could have to do with your diverse personal or academic background, unique skills, driven personality—whatever you see as your strongest asset. Some programs request applicants to meet for half of an hour to an hour with a faculty member, and other interviews will be full weekend events with students, faculty and other applicants. What was challenging? Describe in modest and balanced terms why you are eminently qualified for the program. Tara Kuther, a professor at Western Connecticut State University, has written more than a dozen books on professional development issues for students. Present your best side because current graduate students may be in a position to help or hurt your application. According to Wofford, members will then ask questions to the group as a whole and each applicant is given two to three minutes to respond. It's okay to have more than one career goal, so long as your goals are all relevant and show that you're planning to apply the knowledge you'll acquire. I notice your school has some great squash courts, which is a bonus for me! Explain and provide examples. Finally, it's time to prepare for common grad school interview questions.

Getting accepted into your goal graduate school takes preparation and dedication. Have their alumni achievements inspired you?

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Good, genuine, questions can impress admissions committees. Essentially, the school is telling you: "Look, we like you on paper. Help ease your nerves by learning more about what's entailed and, specifically, what you should and should not do on your graduate admissions interview.

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Purpose of the Interview The purpose of the interview is to let members of the department get a peek at you and meet you, the person, and see beyond your application. During that time, she received Associated Press awards for features writing and for newspaper page design.

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How Can I Best Prepare For a Grad School Interview?