How to write a good undergraduate cv uk

However, for your application at the energy supplier it would be rather useless information.

cv examples for students

Education: As a student, your education is an asset. I am currently seeking an opportunity to use my skills in a challenging work environment and become a valuable asset for the firm I work for.

Nationality all these things are way too personal and employers will only ask if they absolutely need to know Weird colours, designs and fonts keep it simple!

example of a cv for a student in university

Have you taken on any leadership roles in the past? Create your CV Now! If they were not so good and you have since improved by doing well at university, then just list the exams you passed and then focus on what you are achieving now.

student cv template download

Include Volunteering - volunteering is a great way to boost your CV and gain skills that are relevant to your chosen career.

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How To Write Your First CV