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More information will be available in the delegate preparation guide provided above. They simulate the United Nations Security Council and various historical crisis simulations.

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Instead of representing a country, delegates represent a person within a department or organization and respond to real-time developments. While role playing in the shoes of their represented country or historical figure, delegates can use crisis notes to impact the flow of debate and create crises for the rest of the committee to respond to. During the first session the committee voted for the first topic and debate started. Committees follow the same rules of procedure as General Assembly committees, although some committees will adopt special voting rules to be a more accurate simulation of their real-life bodies. Crisis MUN teaches students how to continue leading even when all of their strategies and planning fall apart in the midst of dramatic crisis situations. Even though it was hard work, the conference was great fun and I enjoyed, and learned a lot from it. Details HMUN Together with our staff of over Harvard University undergraduates, delegates will be asked to step into the role of international decision makers, negotiate on major international crises, and craft innovative policy solutions. What is the purpose of multilateral organizations like the United Nations? Delegates and are offered reduced hotel rates at the conference venues: the Boston Sheraton Hotel and the Boston Marriott Copley Hotel. Our training materials help both experienced and first-time delegates learn about the goals, accomplishments, limits, and powers of the UN and the international system. Please submit as a. Formal debate provides delegates with the opportunity to address the entire committee in order to clarify their positions. For detailed eligibility, please see our application process page here.

Like any activity or sport, Model UN takes practice and skill. However, additional, self-directed research is the cornerstone of the delegate experience.

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During conference, you will have the opportunity to take part in specialized delegate trainings based on your skill. Many of our delegates are first timers to Model UN and this webpage and your background guide are your first resources to build the skills necessary to prepare and debate effectively.

Committee sessions are designed to keep the delegates engaged and thinking on their feet. We ask delegates to think critically about the world around them, and to think in new and ambitious ways.

Delegates then move into a mixture of formal debate and caucus aimed at formulating a resolution that addresses problems relating to the chosen topic areas. Students have, for example, received financial support to conduct fieldwork for their dissertations, undertake internships and voluntary work, study foreign languages, and take part in international aid projects.

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More information will be available in the delegate preparation guide provided above. From our renowned Press Corps and Non-Governmental Organizations Programme, to our eclectic and fast-paced Specialized Agencies, and from the depth of debate and diplomacy in our General Assemblies, to the intimacy and dedication of the Economic and Social Councils and Regional Bodies, delegates are going to have access to extremely substantive and rewarding debate in diverse committee styles and forms. True to the spirit of the United Nations, HMUN strives to foster a constructive forum for open dialogue on a range of complex issues, including international peace and security and economic and social progress. Students learn: How to speak, debate, and argue persuasively in the small group setting of a crisis committee; How to research effectively for their assigned positions and topics, and anticipate potential crisis situations; How real-world leaders have to make decisions about emerging crisis situations by utilizing theories of International Relations; How to rapidly write directives, communiques, and crisis notes, and how to work with the Crisis committee staff; How to become leaders in a crisis committee and position themselves for awards at MUN conferences; And much, much more! Background guides are the ideal starting point for delegate research, providing a detailed bibliography of further sources. Where is HMUN held? They simulate the United Nations Security Council and various historical crisis simulations. This year we will be expanding our conference size by hundreds of delegates and look forward to being able to offer the HMUN experience to even more students.

All of our background guides also include a bibliographic essay as a starting point for additional student research.

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