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All the company found that 19 P a g e classroom lectures does not work on people of their company.

Usually Garments industry in Bangladesh recruit from these kinds of internal sources. Sewing technician 5 8. Quality control manager 13 2. This is owing to the fact that, a positive response to the employee referral usually makes the employees feel more committed while simultaneously bringing out good quality candidates for the HR managers with a minimum or no advertisement cost. We had personal interviews with the senior staff members. Selection comes after recruitment which attempts to identify qualified, skilled, efficient, knowledgeable applicant for the job to perform effectively and efficiently to achieve organization goal. It was evident from the study that, following the standard procedure, the recruitment and selection process starts off with Job analysis in all of the subject organizations. It was mentioned that since the candidates have to go through further screening procedure anyway, it ensures that the position ultimately goes to the most deserving. Experience based. A production and accommodation facility includes full time supply of safe drinking water, adequate lighting and ventilation facilities from sheet. In management terminology, we call this organizing.

Job Description is an organized factual statement of job contents in the form of duties and responsibilities of a specific job. On this point, when issues regarding recruiting from competitors company were discussed, most of the subjects suggested that it did not pose a problem or conflict.

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Hawke, A. Performance appraisal is a process that identifies, evaluates and develops employee performance to meet employee and organizational goals.

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Internal advertisement: Notice board, bulletin board and internal newspaper are used for internal advertisement in garments.

In their company periodic performance evaluation has impact on promoting an employee. Now a days, garment industry become a promising step in industrialization.

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But such policies are usually in conflict with HR and other functions. However, when Bonds downsize, diversity will be reduced.

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Hr Practice in Ready Made Garments Industry Free Essays