In what ways was the neutrality of the united states in world war i misleading

american neutrality ww1

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes argued that during a time of war the nation had the right to protect its interest even if that meant suppressing certain freedoms.

The threat included ships from neutral nations that tried to continue trading with the Allies. The blockade by Britain and the other allies was very successful.

But circumstances altered the position taken. Wilson was forced to acknowledge that the worst-case scenario for America was coming to pass and continuing to manage the German threat was no longer an option. An abandoned British trench captured by the Germans. He wanted her not to take sides in the formation of opposite blocs then proceeding in Europe, and so to keep Loading, please wait It is easy to talk of neutrality and of dispassionate judgment even when the rest of the world has lost its head.

why was america hesitant to enter wwi

Woodrow Wilson, says his biographer, made a tremendous effort to preserve the objective point of view.

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Neutrality and the World War