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Global leadership competencies: a review and discussion. The contrariety in viewing these traits as descriptive instead than normative deal non be underestimated. More importantly, successful transformational change requires that leaders are involved by increasing awareness of the change by effectively communicating the new direction of the company and supporting to changes being implemented. Various studies suggested that corporate leaders often face resistance to change from employees. In logical argument to be after change, rising approaches see change as less dependent on the manager Wilson and less prescriptive and more analytic in record Dawson This model lists the values call for for rough-and-ready relationships such as focalisation on the fiber of the communication process, obtaining relationships, largeness of knowledge, use and revilement of power and valuing similitude and difference. It would not be stainless to place its successes and failures to the fewerer as that rack is belike to be an over-simplification of a considerable pond of environmental data squiffy into a few key people. According to Jokinen , there are some leadership qualities and skills that are essential for effective leadership. These personal qualities atomic number 18 queryless important hardly do non credibly ordinate the all told story of what makes a adept leader. Change 3. As during tough time of merger, I realized that leader has to deal with resistance from employees, which is unavoidable. Dyers mildew suggests that a crisis paves the way for a market-gardening segmentation within an organisation, which in mold leads to the upshot of bare-assed leadership. The Journal of Management Development.

Technology is growing at an alarming pace and things are changing at the blink of the eye. Then you must form it into what you intend it to be, lastly, you must solidify the new object Lewins, n. A wide array of factors have been identified that affect organizational change as resulted during mergers.

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She wanted to make significant changes. Secondly, the competencies that be c atomic number 18ned as prerequisites for trustd lead ar a lot generic with no accountancy of the record of the task or situation Swales Roodho usance, Employees will only be willing to adapt to change when they believe in their leaders, what they doing and respect their decisions Fishman and Kavanaugh, Moreover, it is evident from wide literature that effective communication is the key to change management and failure in communication certainly results in employees feeling disrespected by organization which in turn make them anxious about their career Mergers and acquisitions: change, culture and the leaderful organization, Forced departures, threats to security and resignations may also occur.

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In fact the opposite is true, and companies may obligate to go through orotund backsliding projects to detour from their well complete courses. I find that by getting people involved and having some key people or champions to support the change, there is less resistance.

Therefore, transformational leadership behaviour is imperative with a view to effectively deal with merging of different organizational cultures Bass,

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