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He began his sentence on 18 March In August the British partitioned the land with India and Pakistan each achieving independence on terms that Gandhi disapproved.

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The two deaths anguished Gandhi. This all changed when a small man born in the ancient city of Porbandar in stood up and said "Enough!

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These principles are universal. H, , p. Many people in India were influenced by his views. An unexciting metaphor, a student of language might say, but an intelligible metaphor from the point of view of the common man. On December 7, the Communist Prime Minister resigned. He who devotes himself to service with a clear conscience will day by day grasp the necessity for it in greater measure, and will continually grow richer in faith. He introduced an entirely new dimension in technique of social transformation. Gandhi's ultimate search was for righteous conduct. Gandhi was a great leader, a saint and a great social reformer.

Altogether he spent seven years in prison for his political activities. He enforced the ideas of nonviolence, passive resistance, and civil disobedience by meeting with politicians, fasting, and launching campaigns to protest in order to regain rightful ownership of Indian self-government.

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The number represents miles journeyed in protest against unjust taxes. For this reason, Mahatma Gandhi was called the Father of the Nation.

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Whenever there was a risk to life he was at the fore front and never had a desire for power or wealth. We ought to purge ourselves of this pollution Young India, May 4, And so we come to the thesis of my essay.

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Today we see conflicts starting because individuals and some nations want more economical power, more natural resources, and more territory. Also known as Mahatma the great soul, was the "father of modern India". He was assassinated on January 30, On 5 May he was interned under a regulation dating from in anticipation of a protest that he had planned. He encouraged the people of India to fight for freedom and bring peace and harmony to the nation. A horrified American journalist, Webb Miller , described the British response thus: In complete silence the Gandhi men drew up and halted a hundred yards from the stockade. He never gave up and he never lost hope, even when his struggle met with failure. Gandhi always stood for communal harmony, but he himself was shot dead by a religious fanatic Nathuram Godse on 30th January, We are greedy. His struggles and actions were but external manifestations of his struggle to evolve his own value system. By the end of he had lived down much of the suspicion, ridicule and opposition, which he had to face, when he first raised the banner of revolt against racial exclusiveness and imperial domination. You do exactly the same things they did to you, exactly the same things that made you decide to take some actions against it.

His simplicity, self confidence, truthfulness and empathetic nature made people admire him.

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