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The story starts with the unfortunate stereotype that factories, yet alone Lean ones, would be dirty: A dusty, dirty factory may not be the obvious source of inspiration for a clean and sterile hospital.

Please post a comment and join the discussion. They claim it is the Apple Store The story starts at into the video and runs through Room for improvement.

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In what might seem like an ironic touch, the story describes a group of Japanese visitors to the hospital, learning about their Lean practices. Where are the "nightly" podcasts??? Their car, train, bike etc. The shows look like they are available but the download never starts. Subscribe to get notified about posts daily or weekly. By the time the episodes are finally posted, the information is out-of-date. The itunes version is even spottier, but to their credit they do try to edit out the musical interludes they play while the foreign market and commodity info is flashing across the screen. When I can't view I download the podcast. The podcast gives me a quick and easy way to get up to date on the current business news. Timelyness of the delivery for download is also irratic Best concise tv coverage of business news that you can trust. See more from Nightly Business Report. Can't get most recent download Nia Win I hope they fix the download issue soon.

Please upload episodes sooner! Their car, train, bike etc.

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The shows look like they are available but the download never starts.

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