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High productivity can lead to greater profits for businesses and greater income for individuals. Marketing generates sales of the product or service, such as finding customers for the proposed airplanes.

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What is the critical path and time duration? How did you handle it? Otherwise the valve production will be thrown off schedule, resulting in loss of both money and productivity. What is your experience with logistics management? If the interview is to select Operations Manager then questions need to be based on the context given above. How does support services contribute to achieving business goals? Why you want to shift into different sector? As management positions require core competencies that will bring success, the interview is conducted to explore the competencies and their behaviors. Being in charge of it, you would be involved in handling problems on a daily basis. Mostly Operations head must be like-minded. If you were to answer, you would be listing out the various tasks.

Walk me through your resume Why do you want to join banking sector Why should we not hire you To recruit such a person for your company or group of companies, you will need to frame questions that will help to make the correct choice or selection. Management Read Answers What is the critical path and time duration?

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What is the difference between productivity and efficiency? How do you manage employee meetings? Answer : In some types of organization it is relatively easy to visualize the operations function and what it does, even if we have never seen it.

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Mention any statistical tools you have experience working with. But you could indicate what kind of people you would like to work with. Operations Head need to be equipped with making presentations as it is the best method to display to the inside and outside part of the organization.

Detail out the way you had been attentive and had closed the communication gaps. Here you display your method of planning, leadership skills, communications skill, ability to address a group, know how to resolve problems.

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We want to ensure our confidential data is stored in a secure place. Workers C. Thecontrolmanagers in a givenorganizationare tasked with maximizing productivity through process-oriented observations and improvements. How do you motivate your employees? Question 6. What if you receive a better offer from other company? What steps did you follow to do that? Usually, the manager will try to find the mean of that process. Mention any statistical tools you have experience working with. Operation Management Questions and Answers What describes the fundamental purpose for the existence of any organization? A mission statement is a declaration of the purpose of a company, organization, or person; it's reason for existing; a written affirmation of an organization's core purpose and focus that generally remains unchanged over time. Also the automobile plant and the advertising agency do have one important element in common: both have a higher objective — to make a profit from producing their products or services. OM will most likely continue to be more information intensive and require greater cooperation among all the players in the value chain. Companies can also ease transactions between businesses, known as B2B commerce, by using electronic trading networks.
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Operations Manager Interview Questions