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He wanted to legitimise Hindu traditions to his European acquaintances by proving that "superstitious practices which deform the Hindu religion have nothing to do with the pure spirit of its dictates!

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And India had left with a considerably larger population use the remaining money for maintaining social well-being. He did his schooling in Sanskrit and Bengali languages in the village school after which he was sent to Madrasa in Patna where he learned Persian and Arabic.

His writings and lessons also sparked interest among British and American Unitarians.

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The commemoration is a joint Brahmo-Unitarian service, in which, prayers and hymns are sung, flowers laid at the tomb, and the life of the Raja is celebrated via talks and visual presentations. In he founded the Anglo-Hindu School and a college in The year proved decisive in his life when he founded the Atmiya Sabha, a kind of inner circle to discuss freely social evils, reforms and theological issues.

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He calculated and told the Indians that around one-half of all total revenue collected in India was sent out to England.

Later he also set up a Vedanta College.

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Ram Mohan Roy: Essay on Raja Ram Mohan Roy