Research onion explanation of the concept

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This chapter presents the methodology used by the researcher. Moreover, you can often start the process again.

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It is an explanation of the method of systematic and critical investigation into an identified subject of study. In other words, you and the organization work in collaboration on the topic.

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It is essential in the research onion. Primary data is collected directly from the respondents or the subjects of experiment Yin, You cannot find a layer of the quantitative and qualitative research methods in the research onion diagram. It is possible when you combine both these methods, you can offset the limits of these methods. This can be referring to primary data data collected first-hand for the research project , or secondary data data that was collected by somebody else and subsequently published. The secondary research provides the Chevron data and specifics on actions taken in the Niger Delta region. If you purchase an item that I link to then I will make a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Finally, for confidentiality, the research results are only shared with those who have a stake in the results and are part of the research in a specific capacity. Research Strategy The strategy layer of the research onion refers to how the researcher intends to carry out the work, i.

Ontology This philosophy makes you aware of the nature of reality. Moreover, the researcher employs a couple of associates to collect data and for them time and availability of respondents are crucial. Finally, you test the predictions.

Research onion explanation of the concept

Time Horizons The Time Horizon refers to the time frame within which the project is intended for completion. In this research the researcher has adopted the strategy of a case study to obtain data from the samples selected. Some people may find it pleasing and others may not. In the research, both secondary research and primary research were utilised. The secondary research provides the Chevron data and specifics on actions taken in the Niger Delta region. Lastly, it is worthwhile addressing the ethics of your research in this last section of the research onion. For the study here the sample size is The philosophy adopted by the researcher in this study realism 3. Here the data has been collected by some others Bhattacharyya,

A longitudinal time horizon refers to the collection of data repeatedly over an extended period, for example when a person reaches a different age or different seasons throughout the year.

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