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But even if there were no such preparation, the speech itself in every line should arouse horror and repulsion. Even in his final years Milton was busy and productive as he was pleasured by the comfort of his home and garden. Satan brings the humans down and causes their removal from Eden. Milton and the English Revolution. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Grewing up under a Puritan miniter and living in a hard-working tradesmen family Milton became conscious of political and religious questions and discussions very early in his life. He has all the attributes of an epic hero and all the attraction. Meanwhile in heaven God tells his angels about the plan and intention of Satan when his son volunteers to make the sacrifice for humankind, "[ This shield is compared to the moon as seen through a telescope. Paul, The obedient angels, by the way, are gay; the Archangel Raphael blushingly admits to Adam that they enjoy the occasional half-corporeal act of interpenetration. In so doing, he also provides the way to salvation for those humans who choose freely to obey God. SparkNotes LLC, He dramatizes his situation. Satan was one of the highest angels in Heaven and was know as Lucifer, meaning, light bearer.

London: Faber and Faber, p. Paradise Lost? Lewis, Clive, S. We are struck by the splendors of the heroic setting and we are made to experience the pleasurable excitement of coming into contact with sin.

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He must be shown as possessing the virtues and the powers which are necessary for him to play his part as the Arch-fiend. We are struck by the splendors of the heroic setting and we are made to experience the pleasurable excitement of coming into contact with sin. His power of action and of suffering was equal. But these assertions have no real basis according to Lewis For example, John Dryden the first literary critic to comment on Paradise Lost in criticized the poem for having the villain take center stage and defeat the hero New York: Russell and Russell, But if he has heroic virtues, so has Macbeth; and Macbeth is a villain. Man arose in the wilderness, a sorry creature without the talons, fur, and other advantages of the other animals. The paper adopts the analytical approach. No doubt, artists have sometimes produced effects different from what they intended. During and Milton worked as poet, schoolmaster, scholar and head of a growing family. But Lucifer retained his noble attitude, consoling his companions. Charles Williams, in his introduction to an edition of Paradise Lost, contended that Satan is indeed not a hero but a fool. William Henry Hudson. God does no wrong and is incapable of committing a sin; He is a picture perfect being.

Unlike humanity, Satan and the other fallen angels have already sealed their fates. He was the greatest power that was ever overthrown, with the strongest will left to resist or to endure.

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Although, the speeches are very long and thorough, they are also very persuasive at the same time. This speech foreshadows a future speech of Satan that places enough evidence against Satan being a hero.

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Therefore, Milton was forced to select.

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Milton’s Portrayal of Satan in Paradise Lost and the Notion of Heroism