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When the battalion was assigned to dig trenches near Moest in degree heat of summer, the battalion commander aggressively berated them for being out of uniform, as a breakdown in discipline. He seems like such a study in contrasts—at times polite, gentlemanly, reserved; at others, a rambunctious prankster with weird ideas for how to have fun see: attempting to stab a friend because the friend had never been stabbed before.

He had romantic expectations, a rigid code of conduct, and a judgmental perspective.

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Laura, a friend of Jay's girlfriend, Stephanie. There was a brief hopeful moment with new negotiator Mark Grossman, but then there was stagnation for months, and no progress seemed possible.

Almost all the soldiers he served with thought he should go to court martial. Kayla Harrison described him as an unusual, smart, creative teenager, who forged his own strict, uncompromising moral code, who believed if you know something to be wrong in the world, you must take actions to correct it, and he was "impossibly unrealistic".

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Lorewhich focuses on the frightening history behind common folklore and is told in almost a campfire-like style, is a wonderful example of a solo-style podcast.

Past episodes have chronicled a number of discrepancies in the prosecution's narrative. This case seemed weak enough at the outset for Sarah Koenig to spend months delving into it.

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Not quite. They want an accounting.

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Podcast: As defined above, a digital file that focuses on audio content and can be downloaded from a website or the cloud. The Bergdahls had been assured that their son would not face charges, that his time with the Taliban was punishment enough, so they thought it was over, mission accomplished. He joined the Coast Guard in January , at age And while some of the previously mentioned podcasts, like Lore, could fit here as well, many narrative podcasts have a decidedly linear quality and generally don't change to another topic or segment. Bergdahl had been a good infantry soldier up until that point, who even volunteered for extra duty, a "squared away" soldier. Video podcast: Sometimes called a "vidcast," it's similar to a podcast but includes a visual component, which might be a slideshow of still images or actual video. Had you been on the jury, would that have swayed you at all, despite the instructions to disregard it? Overwhelmed, he had been hospitalized after a panic attack, and a psychologist had assessed his "mental state significant for situational anxiety", recommending discharge with "diagnosis: adjustment disorder with depression". Bergdahl felt he was being judged by his family as a failure, a black sheep who would not do the right thing.

Platoon members would die for each other, and because of that, they had become family together. Congressional staffers felt they could no longer believe anything from DOD: first, where there had been a collegial relationship before, there was now "unprecedented, profound concern about national security risk…" Second, who signed off on the trade of five Taliban?

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