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Numerous studies on youth sports participation have found that sports provide a positive influence on character building in children and young adults.

The dedication and the passion of the game would be lost. The answer should be NO. Some feel that athletes are greedy people who have lost care for the true meaning of their salary, the love of the game. It is continuously evolving and changing today as society combats the free market to decide the legal and ethical limitations of business today.

Also they represent the organizations that sponsor those universities including Nike, Adidas and Under Amour. The first reason of many to why athletes should not receive money for playing Sports, Crime, And Money Essay words - 4 pages him.

Generally, not all the universities have the capability to pay the athletes and this would result in fact that some sport has to get cut in order to get the amount required for compensation.

They inspire Americans to push themselves to their physical limits in order to make it to the top of their profession. The college sports should not be centred on the money alone. Trevor Bothwell.

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Because you are so young, you apparently don't know much 'TOPIC: Lady Macbeth has at first too much, and then too little, power over her husband'. Every time someone watches television or reads a newspaper these, and many other, athletes can be found. They only see how great he is on the field and consider him, "reformed. Some of these things include their earnings from endorsements, ticket sales, performance, merchandise, their social contributions, and TV ratings. A recent study conducted in the University of Texas showed that athletic program earned revenue of approximately ,, dollars. Among athletes, what race is represented most predominately in the majority of sports? They should give the game their all because that is what they love. Some of the athletes do make millions and millions of dollars, but there is some that don 't. To conclude, it is important to develop a good team of athletes for the country, which should be started from children. The athlete should focus more on the sport they play because not every one is lucky enough to receive the aid they do. Then about the same time next year we hear about another athlete is signing a new contract worth even more than the previous high.

Sponsorship corporations will sponsor individual players or even whole teams and hope that people will go out and buy the product being sponsored by their favorite player or team. An additionally college degree allows a student to earn more money that one would make with an ordinary high school diploma whether the student get a professional job or not.

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Another thing is putting a limit on how many foreign players you can have in your team which would mean more home-grown players would be in the team and then less wages would be spent and transfer prices to attract players from overseas and this would mean teams would need to spend more money on youth academies rather than looking all over the world for players to spend ridiculous amounts of money on.

Since he has bought the club in he has spent over?

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Are sports stars grossly overpaid?