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Show all Hide all Executive Summary Sometimes you are required to give an executive summary and sometimes you are not. Anything you include in this section should be related to your brief.

Summarise the problems and recommended solutions.

What is a formal business report

Have you included all the required structural elements e. Conclusions and Recommendations Once you have explained your findings, you will need to make conclusions based on your research i. You can add any extra material e. Conclusions Often this is arranged as a numbered or bulleted-list. After this, you can set out your findings. Identify the symptoms Example: As a result, the department is constantly in a state of flux, with no knowledge of where it should be heading. Does your executive summary if required stand alone and could the reader understand the main issues and solutions without reading the report? For example, if you were asked to write a report about expanding into a new country, your conclusions and recommendations would be about the viability of such an expansion and what the company could do to achieve its goals.

There is always something new in the world of business to help improve companies and their sales. Report Summary Most business reports begin with a short summary. The increased use of data to increase sales, revenue and to help make business decisions is a large part of the sports industry.

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Recommendations should clearly address the report's aim and objectives. Table of Contents — In longer reports, include a table of contents.

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Structure of the report