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To guard his daughter from the uncle's son, Wang Lung decides to send her to the home of her betrothed. O-lan had stolen some jewels during the looting. This story has many references to Eastern religions and philosophies. Removing oneself from social- political conflict is a typical Taoist behavior. However, soon after buying the house, Wang Lung realizes he is not happy living in the courts, and soon returns to the land, his true home. The uncle's malicious son causes more trouble when he brings his military regiment to camp for six weeks in Wang Lung's elegant house. The uncle's wife realizes that Wang Lung is sick with love for another woman, and offers to arrange the union between himself and Lotus. She is Wang Lung's helpmate throughout the book.

Wang Lung is hit with a sense of evil. But when she was only a few months old, her parents returned to China with Buck, and she lived in China until she was seventeen years old.

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Taoist influence in Pearl S. He watches soldiers seize innocent men and force them to carry equipment for their armies. There, O-lan and the children beg while Wang Lung earns money by transporting people in a rented rickshaw. There he begins an affair with Lotus, a delicately beautiful but manipulatively demanding courtesan whom he desires obsessively. Bored with his plain and coarse wife, he ventures into a tea shop in town operated by a man from the south where the rich and idle spend their time drinking, gambling, and visiting prostitutes. Her first book, East Wind: West Wind, published in , describes two marriages: a traditional girl named Kwei-lan is unhappy in her arranged marriage to a man who believes in modern Western practices; and Kwei-lan's brother defiantly marries an American girl in spite of his parents' objections. In staying strictly within Wang Lung's experience, the narrator can't be all-knowing He and O-lan briefly consider selling their surviving daughter as a slave. His first son is idle and interested only in women; Wang Lung is furious when he finds the son has visited first a local prostitute and then his own Lotus, so he arranges a marriage for him. In this way, Wang Lung shows himself to have negotiated heavily in the morals he always lived by austerity and hard work , and reveals the total corruption caused by his wealth, known by his impulse to buy the House of Hwang. Pearl Buck's standpoint is finally that of an outsider who is particularly sensitive to aspects of Chinese life that are different from what Westerners are accustomed to. Removing oneself from social- political conflict is a typical Taoist behavior. The book is about Wang Lung who is a young and poor farmer who is living in China during the time signs of modernization are appearing but the Chinese culture is remaining deeply connected to ancient traditions and customs. The Good Earth was made into a Broadway play and a motion picture.

One day, he follows his two sons out to the land. At the beginning of the novel, Wang Lung, a poor farmer, is ready to marry O-Lan, a slave who is purchased from the great house of Hwang.

They might retreat to a countryside or mountain setting to commune with natural beauty. Wang Lung and his family walk through the town, and get on a train that takes them to a southern city.

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Second, Chinese writers in the twentieth century have been primarily concerned with China's political fate and their works are often more didactic than realistic. Wang Lung begins to despair of ever making enough money to return to his land. These wise words, quoted by the main character Wang Lung, come from Pearl S. Wang Lung agrees, liking the idea of living in a house where a great family used to live. The characters within the story line are constantly evolving with fullness of personality that personalities could leap from the pages O-lan and the children beg for money, and Wang Lung works as a ricksha puller. Liu, a grain merchant, agrees to the union between his daughter and the son of Wang Lung, but is not willing to do anything for now except sign papers. He forgets all of his cares and troubles in the world while he works the land. Desperately poor and hungry, Wang Lung sells his furniture for a bit of silver to take his family south, though he refuses to sell his land.

The next day, Wang Lung's uncle comes to make him sell his land, but he does not sell it, determined to return. After O-lan gives birth to a daughter, a terrible famine settles on the land.

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Wang Lung begins to despair of ever making enough money to return to his land.

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Essay on The Good Earth: Wang Lung’s Changes and Challenges