The influence of violence on people becoming aggressive

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Although women may tend to use aggressive tactics verbally and indirectly and resort to physical aggression less often than men, research has shown that there is not a significant difference between males and females with regard to aggression.

Studies on the causes of aggression in children and adolescents have reported that in general there is no one single cause of aggression. Over a third of American women and over a quarter of American men have experienced stalking or physical or sexual violence by an intimate partnerand nearly half of all American women have experienced psychological aggression from an intimate partner.

As for viewer characteristics that depend on perceptions of the plot, those viewers who perceive the violence as telling about life more like it really is and who identify more with the perpetrator of the violence are also stimulated more toward violent behavior in the long run [ 27303338 ].

In combination with other factors, such as substance use or environmental influences, the presence of these genes are likely to increase the possibility of one's acting on violent urges.

And capital punishment also means that many innocent people are wrongly executed for crimes they did not commit. And viewing aggression frequently makes that aggression seem more normal and less negative. In either case, the player is linked to a violent character.

Instrumental aggression can result from conflict over objects or what are assumed to be one's rights. Repeated exposures to emotionally activating media or video games can lead to habituation of certain natural emotional reactions.

media violence does not cause aggression

Aggression directly interferes with our basic needs of safety and security. Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies Empirical cross-sectional and longitudinal studies of youth behaving and watching or playing violent media in their natural environments do not test causation as well as experiments do, but they provide strong evidence that the causal processes demonstrated in experiments generalize to violence observed in the real world and have significant effects on real world violent behavior.

Overall, for both males and females the effect of middle-childhood violence viewing on young adult aggression was significant even when controlling for their initial aggression.

We might try to escape the situation, we might confront the person in a nonviolent way, or we might choose to use violence.

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The Impact of Electronic Media Violence: Scientific Theory and Research