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To appreciate his state of soul it is always necessary to remember the peculiar ambient of shame and horror that surrounds his crime in Ireland.

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In the finest scene of the book the contrasted mental states of the three conspirators are shown as they sit about in a cheap furnished room on the eve of the murder. Taking careful aim, the sniper fires and hits the enemy.

Less than one page is devoted to the actual capture and death of the betrayed man. Despite knowing it is dangerous, he decides to smoke a cigarette and instantly a bullet hits the roof.

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What is also interesting is the setting of the story. The Sniper shoots him, and he falls to the street below, dead.

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His enemy had been hit. This time, the bullet does not miss, but it takes a moment for the Republican sniper to comprehend his wounded right forearm. Throughout Dublin, the machine guns and rifles "broke the silence of the night, spasmodically, like dogs barking on lone farms. Such narrative detachment is in keeping with O'Flaherty's choice not to present an overall picture of the Irish civil war. The differences in age and sensibility make the relationship impossible from the beginning. He must kill that enemy and he could not use his rifle. The sniper shows no reaction to the murder, as he was immediately distracted by gunshots fired in his direction. It also immediately renders more provocative O'Flaherty's choice to create a narrative with what A. Then he swore softly and crawled away to the left.

During the war, he served in France and Belgium. Despite this Free State victory, battles continued to take place in Dublin until early July, when Free States forces gained control of the city.

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Short Story Analysis: The Sniper by Liam O'Flaherty