Thomas becket

Becket fled to the Cathedral where a service was in progress. Nihil Obstat. The worst that could happen here was to be issued with a severe penance or exceptionally, expulsion defrocking from the priesthood.

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Archbishop Theobold died inand Henry immediately saw the opportunity to increase his influence over the Church by naming his loyal advisor to the highest ecclesiastical post in the land.

This news threw King Henry still in France into a rage in which he was purported to shout: "What sluggards, what cowards have I brought up in my court, who care nothing for their allegiance to their lord.

Becket's assassins fled north to de Morville's Knaresborough Castlewhere they remained for about a year. Other misunderstandings soon followed.

Henry tried to get rid of Becket by judicial means and summoned him before the great council of Northampton on October 8,to answer the accusation against him: opposition to royal authority and abuse of his position as chancellor.

No word was ever breathed against his personal purity. On 10 Aug. It was with him simply a question of principle. Thomas would not comply. The negotiations between Henrythe popeand the archbishop dragged on for the next four years without the position being sensibly changed.

His objective was twofold: the complete abolition of all civil jurisdiction over the Church, with control not shared by the clergy, freedom of choice of its prelates and acquisition and security of property as an independent fund.

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The Murder of Thomas Becket,