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Compositions happen to be one of the most important aspects of learning the English Language. My school also has a big library which is very beautifully decorated.

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I have 2 brothers and one sister. We all love dishes made by my mother. During our break, we enjoy ourselves by buying some stuff from the cafeteria. It is very beautiful place. Now schools are evolving are spreading education in a new way. You can write a maximum of ten sentences, but short ones, and it should not be a minimum of three. My school is considered a very prestigious institute in my city. Without education, progress is a daydream. It has a significant assembly ground along with various playing grounds. In this functional parents are invited. The rooms are adequately ventilated. My brother Rahul studies in 5th class.

Need Essay Writing? Essay No 2 on My school- Short and Best for kids: Education is the central need of every person and nation.

Students take the test regularly, and their parents are informed about their children performance.

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This is the part where the main story develops. Write the introduction.

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I am 6 years old girl. The obvious need here, especially for an Air Force pilot of seven years, is to keep the focus on academic interests rather than, say, battle successes and the number of missions flown. Keep your sentences short and not overwhelming.

This exhibit the popularity of my school.

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