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For the generation of typesetters who grew up during this regime, this no-nonsense interdiction may be part of the source of the notion that double spaces are not just a bad idea but are in fact verboten.

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Declaration of Independence does likewise. The problem with doing so these days is that it looks like a mistake.

Select the Indents and Spacing tab it is probably already open. The face is foundry Caslon. It was printed in Philadelphia.

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This is precisely why teachers ask you to double space. Habits are hard to break. Microsoft Word If you are working in Microsoft Wordyou should follow these steps to set up double-spacing. This American type sample catalogue shows that inusing the equivalent of double word spaces between sentences was the style of the day.

Origins Traditional wisdom on the subject asserts that using two word spaces after sentences is left over from the days of the typewriter. In this pocket volume for newlywed women, the sentences are as spaced out as the advice.

And Aldus Manutius was famous as a thrifty, profit-conscious printer. If not, go to the next step.

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3 Ways to Double Space