Why is it necessary to have marginal revenue in healthcare organization

A largely unexamined sense of compatibility has existed between the ideals of professionalism and the not-for-profit form for health care organizations such as hospitals Steinwald and Neuhauser, ; Majones, The value questions about health care can be discussed under two broad categories—health care as an economic good and health care as a social good.

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Too, certificate-of-need regulations greatly constrain the ability of firms to enter the hospital industry. Second, the committee believes that physicians' responsibilities to patients require that they play a role in monitoring and assuring the quality of care in medical organizations to which they refer or admit patients.

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Hirschman, Albert O. Related to, but distinct from, the question of not-for-profit status is the availability to not-for-profit organizations, under certain conditions, of exemptions from federal income taxes under Section c 3 of the Internal Revenue Code and from state and local income, property, and sales taxes.

However, there also is a question of whether pure profit maximization is the sole objective of private firms in this or indeed any industry.

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The sale of gifts and T-shirts to subsidize the exhibits and research activities of the Metropolitan Museum and the Smithsonian Institution is one example.

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Why Are Marginal & Average Revenue Important Measures to a Profit