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Clean and streamlined interface Writers strive for deep, creative focus — the kind that lets us disappear into our stories — and the less happening on your screen or in your writing appthe better.

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As a writer you hope to strike a chord that resonates with your reader long after they close the book. Or at least to write well. This is a serious omission for doing design work. For full disclosure: After I reached out to the team behind Ulysses to gush about their app, they offered me promotional copies so that I could fully test the app and offer you guys a more complete review. This is a number of groups folders in the Ulysses library that contain explanations and tips about the app. In addition, files can be directly saved to Evernote, Google Drive, and email. The critical thing about the first plot point is that it represents a one-way door. There are no external files or folders to remember, no other places you need to go. Just select the group, then choose the export format you want from the usual suspects Word document, pdf, ePub, and so on. Hop in the comments below to share! What Is Ulysses? The highlighting is preserved on export, as shown in this image from a Ulysses tutorial.

Do not complicate matters for yourself. That means not one, but two, distraction-free writing options.

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Do I recommend Write! This is everything there is within Ulysses.

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The combination of Markdown, a minimal interface, and distraction-free features make me more productive. Live document statistics are also available by clicking a toolbar icon. Keywords, notes, favourites and targets can be really useful and I love the fact you can open a new window on the same file in a separate tab so you can view different parts of the book very easily.

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So once you have your preferred structure for writing you can repeat this ad infinitum without having to go through the setup routine again.

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